What is SFA? Basic functions and introduction effects

Even if you are interested in SFA, you may not be able to adopt it unless you realize how effective it can be.

Even if you are interested in SFA, https://slimtime.co.jp/  you may not be able to implement it if you don't realize how effective it is, and your managers and sales staff may not understand the significance of changing the way you do things.

Main functions of SFA

Information management

Sales activity record

Sales activity support

Task management function

The reasons why SFA is attracting attention and needs to be introduced are as follows

Increase in sales

Improvement of sales skills

Grasping the progress status

Data utilization of sales activity records

The potential benefits of implementing SFA are as follows

Improved performance of sales staff

Improving business operations by accumulating, analyzing, and utilizing sales data

Countermeasures against overwork and overtime by improving work efficiency

With the reform of work styles, salespeople, without exception, are under pressure to reduce overtime work.

The old idea that "overtime is irrelevant because we are salespeople" will no longer apply.

For this reason, SFA is an indispensable sales tool to increase sales while reducing the burden on salespeople.

However, no matter which SFA is introduced, it will not be effective.

The introduction of SFA may increase the number of items to be entered, which in turn may increase the burden on salespeople and reduce their productivity.

In order to choose the best SFA for your company, it is necessary to choose a service that offers a free trial and listen to the response of salespeople before introducing it, regardless of the name value.

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